Sunday, 29 April 2012

Jus Burgers (Northbridge, Perth WA) - CLOSED

Shop 11/189 William St
Northbridge Western Australia 6003
(08) 9227 0668
    Mon, Sun 11:30 - 21:00
    Tue-Sat 11:30 - 22:00

Jus Burgers (Northbridge) on Urbanspoon Jus Burgers Northbridge is the perfect place for any burger lover who wants a burger that tastes of burger but it is also gourmet-ish.

The variety of patties and burgers is great: different types of beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers, plus the lamb, kangaroo and fish patties. They also have gluten free buns available, which is great if you or your company are celiacs.

It is not only the burgers, but also the serving sizes, the taste of their fries, sauces and pickles, and the variety of sides. It is the mindfulness in plating the burgers, the cuteness of the baby-sized meals, and the terrific service they provide - they should be very proud of having such a great bunch of cool, friendly and efficient people working there.

I love the atmosphere of the place, with its mix of rusticity and artistic details.
The first down of Jus Burgers is its tiny size, with not much space beyond the outside seating area and the bottom-end four tables. Not many tables, not many people at the time, therefore, difficult to dine in at peak hours. You have to be there before 12pm if you aren't alone and want a good table at lunch time. Brunch will be a a better option. Otherwise the place is fully-packed, not just the good tables.

The second down is the chicken burger. Who came with the "brilliant" idea that we would like a chicken burger with a dry chicken fillet instead of the usual soft chewable chicken mince patty? Arrrgh!
Guaranteed - you are going to leave Jus Burgers with your waist bordering another size, and with a big smile of satisfaction - counting in your head how many hours are acceptable to return there without being labelled  a burger junky. Although.... if you pay for a take-away and pig your meal out hidden from the world elsewhere, nobody will notice. 

UPDATE 22/8/2012
 I was there about 3-4 weeks ago with friends, and the burgers were a shadow of what they used to be in presentation and taste. 

I ordered one of the vegan burgers, and it was not especially tasty. Mediocre. The onion rings were, in taste,  as good as the ones you could find at Mackos or Hungry Jacks or any other shop. The fries were OK. I did not taste my friends' food, but they definitely are not the super-fresh gorgeous looking burgers that made me addicted to the place when it opened.

The service is still excellent, very fast and friendly, though.

It must be the decrease in the quality of the food what explains why the place is not as crowded as used to be.

I hate when businesses do this to themselves - downgrading themselves in a spiral that goes from up do down to failure by taking customers for granted.


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